Professional Card Shuffler

Learning how to shuffle cards is one of the basic necessities for efficient dealers. Professional card shufflers generally know how to shuffle cards in a plenty of different ways. They are well versed with all the tricks and know their way around a deck of cards.

However, even those who are not dealers should know how to shuffle cards efficiently. Shuffling the cards effortlessly is a sign of a good card player. not knowing how to shuffle cards or being sloppy with them just shows the weakness of a player to the opponents at the table and it can be quite embarrassing too at times.

Shuffling the cards is basically done in order to properly mix the deck of cards. However, at times players shuffle the cards using various different tricks just to show their skills at the table too. Shuffling cards is quite an easy job to do and for anyone to learn the skills it only takes a matter of few minutes and some practice.

The table riffle shuffle method

The table riffle shuffle is a very common and easy method for shuffling a deck of cards. The method is also very widely used by dealers at casinos to randomize a deck of cards. The reason why this technique of shuffling cards is known as the table riffle shuffle is because it is done on a table. There are two types of the riffle shuffle techniques, one which is done on the table is known as the table riffle shuffle and the other is done just by hand off the table is simply known as the riffle shuffle.

For table riffle shuffle you will just need to have a proper grip on the deck of cards. With a firm grip and enough practice anyone can learn this technique for shuffling the cards.

How to do the table riffle shuffle?

Given below is a step by step guide on how to do the table riffle shuffle. Remember, you will need to practice the technique several times in order to get it right:

  • Take a deck of playing cards and cut it into two piles. It is not really necessary to cut the deck into two equal piles but if they are equally sized it makes the process easier.
  • Grip half of the piles face down in both hands. Grip the deck with the middle finger and ring finger on one of the shorter edges of the pile and on the other short edge grip it with the thumb.
  • Move both the piles closer so that both your thumbs are almost touching each other.
  • Use your index finger to put a downward pressure on the piles of cards. At the same time raise the edges of the piles with the help of your thumb. This will slightly bend the edges of the piles.
  • Release a little pressure on the thumbs in order to riffle the cards of the piles so that they will fall on the table in interweaved fashion.
  • Once all the cards have been riffled and interweaved, just push the cards and square them.
  • You can also push the cards a little and then bend both of the shorter edges in order to make the deck into a dome or bridge shape. Release the pressure and the cards will be automatically riffled and then square the deck.

Dealer’s Advice

It is very important to treat casino dealer in a good way. Always remember, that he is a person that is aware of every point of the game you play, who helps you to manage your game properly, explains obscure issues and sometimes even can give you a piece of advice.

Dealer Cheating

There is more common situation when players try to cheat casino, but what about dealer`s cheating? Nowadays it is almost impossible ('almost' means that sometimes smart aleck appears who contrives to invent a super-scheme or just have deft fingers).