Tip Dealer Verbally at Casino

Probably everyone knows that leaving a tip to the dealer at a casino always questionable. Most players who are permanent gamblers at the casinos ensure that they keep the dealer at their table happy by passing on tips to them throughout the game and even at the end of a gaming session. Tipping casino dealers is not just usual, but it also makes the dealer more cheerful that will in turn make the game more enjoyable for the player. To tip dealer properly every player should know some common rules of tipping.

However, there is another way to give the dealers an additional sign of your gratitude, verbal tips. Giving compliments to dealers always works since everyone needs to be praised for their efforts.

Bet for the dealer

A great way to do a little extra for the dealer at your table is to bet for them. Apart from leaving a tip for the dealers, you can place an extra bet on the table and say "for the dealer". This would mean that you are placing the bet in behalf of the dealer and if the bet wins, the money would go to the dealer.

This is always a great way of showing your appreciation to the dealer since it looks and feels more personal than leaving a cash tip at the end of the game. Even if the bet doesn't win anything at the table, the dealer would always be grateful for at least trying on their behalf.

Verbal tips

Praising somebody for their hard work always gets a positive response. Dealers work really hard and they are among the lowest waged people in the world. Dealers rely on their tips to make their living so it is essential that the players should admit their efforts and be thankful from time to time to make them cheerful and keep the dealer on their side.

Throughout the game, when appropriate you can complement the dealer always helps the players. Just saying something like, "Thank you for making the game so much fun for me" or " I know the hard work you put into here so you deserve this" while leaving your tip will always make the dealer feel a little special.

When to leave a verbal tip to the dealer?

Verbal tipping can be done at absolutely any time during the game. However, a compliment must always be heart-felt and should never come across as fake since it would almost never work. Working as a dealer you would quickly learn to how catch player in a lie. If you have been playing at a table for half an hour or more you can always comment on how efficient the dealer has been in handling the game or how hard you think they have to work every day. This will always make the dealer cheerful and a happy dealer will result into an enjoyable game.

If the shift is changing or the dealers are being rotated, ensure that you say something nice to him/her before the next dealer arrives. Also, it is always nice to pay a compliment to the dealer at the end of a gaming session when you are leaving the table.


Dealer’s Advice

It is very important to treat casino dealer in a good way. Always remember, that he is a person that is aware of every point of the game you play, who helps you to manage your game properly, explains obscure issues and sometimes even can give you a piece of advice.

Dealer Cheating

There is more common situation when players try to cheat casino, but what about dealer`s cheating? Nowadays it is almost impossible ('almost' means that sometimes smart aleck appears who contrives to invent a super-scheme or just have deft fingers).