Casino Dealer Jobs

In any casino, the people who keep the action going smoothly are the dealers. The dealers are the ones who are responsible to deal the cards, to collect the bets and to ensure that the game goes on smoothly for the players. Casino dealer jobs are really difficult sometimes. The dealers have a very small salary but they do earn quite a lot of money in terms of the tips especially in major casinos. However, being a dealer is a very demanding job and is often quite depressing since dealers have to work erratic hours and even on holidays.

Being a dealer

For people who live in places like Las Vegas, gambling is always a very good career choice. These places have high amount of tourism and being a dealer always provides the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. There are schools and colleges that offer programs for professional dealers. There are even staffing agencies in such cities which help dealers find the right casinos for them. It is important to know how to choose a casino Dealing School.

Dealing has become quite a popular choice for several people around the world. However, being a dealer would require quite a lot of hard work. All the major casinos would require their dealers to be professionally qualified while some of them might even offer them in house training. Even learning a single game might coast around $800 in schools.

In cities like Las Vegas, dealing is a very seniority based hierarchy system. If there is no formal training it is very difficult to get a job in Las Vegas. Most of the smaller casinos get their dealers from the dealer schools while the larger casinos only get the dealers who are not only professionally qualified but are also very experienced. It might take years for a dealer to be able to get a job at a high end casino like the Bellagio.

The dealers at large casinos do make decent money due to their casino tip, though the salary often tends to be quite low. Almost all casinos, large or small pay their dealers the minimum wage. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average income of a dealer per year which is taxable is just $14,340. However, at large casinos the dealers can even make more than $100,000 every year due to the tips. Weekend shifts and high stake tables are always the most lucrative.

How to become a dealer

Those who are interested in becoming a dealer will have to work hard and follow the tips given below in order to make it possible for them to land a job in a decent casino:

  • The first thing to do is to learn as many card games as possible which are generally played at casinos. Poker along with all of its variants, pai gow, baccarat and blackjack are very well known games so these are the first ones which should be learnt.
  • Enroll yourself in a good dealer's school. There are several schools in Las Vegas which provide such training to prospective dealers.
  • Research a little to know about the licensing requirements since in most states you will require a license.
  • Apply to as many casinos as possible and hope for the best.

Dealer’s Advice

It is very important to treat casino dealer in a good way. Always remember, that he is a person that is aware of every point of the game you play, who helps you to manage your game properly, explains obscure issues and sometimes even can give you a piece of advice.

Dealer Cheating

There is more common situation when players try to cheat casino, but what about dealer`s cheating? Nowadays it is almost impossible ('almost' means that sometimes smart aleck appears who contrives to invent a super-scheme or just have deft fingers).