Dealer Tips at Casino


The dealers at a casino have quite a tough job to do. Dealers usually have to work at all odd hours and even have to work on holidays since the holidays are the busiest days for the casinos. They have to stand or sit for very long hours and to make things even worse; they are paid a very low salary. Dealer tips still remain to be up to player`s decision.

In most cases, dealers rely on the tips from their customers in order to make a living. Since decades now it is a well known custom that players should tip dealer especially if they win a game. However, those who are visiting a casino for the first time might find it a little confusing and would not know when and how to correctly tip their dealer.

Not being able to tip the dealer correctly can be quite an embarrassing experience for a player and it can even make the dealer a little imperturbable for the rest of the game.

When to tip a dealer?

Casinos belong to the service industry and like the rest of the institutions in the service industry; a good service will always deserve a good tip too. At restaurants we all know that we need to tip the waitress or the waiter at the end of the meal and the same goes even for the casinos. In casinos, if you feel that the dealer has been helpful, efficient and friendly to you it is essential to tip the dealer. However, if the dealer has been rude to you it will depend on the player to decide whether or not the dealer should be tipped.

There are a few unspoken rules about tipping the dealer at the table which should not be broken. Moreover, there are also some variation of tipping methods such as tipping in Las Vegas.

Guide on tipping dealers

Given below is a short guide and a few suggestions about tipping dealers at the casinos.

  • The first and the most important thing to remember at the casino is that you must remember to tip the dealer. Though this might sound to be very basic, quite a lot of people believe that the dealer should be tipped only when you are winning the game. However, you should leave a tip for the dealer even if you are losing the game since the dealer has done his/her own job and deserves the tip. Dealers depend on the tips for their living.
  • Tip according to the level of service provided to you. If the dealer has provided good service leave a 15 or 18% tip on the gambling amount and if the service has been excellent you should tip 20% or more.
  • Another way to tip the dealer is to bet on behalf of the dealer by putting a bet next to your own and saying "bet for the dealer".
  • Throughout the gaming session keep leaving small tips to the dealer. Put the tip on the gaming table, away from the bets and let the dealer know that the tip is for him/her.
  • Even at the end of the gaming session, you must leave a tip for the dealer. The correct way to leave a tip is to put it on the table and say that it is for the dealer. Most casinos will not like the players to hand the dealer anything directly.

Dealer’s Advice

It is very important to treat casino dealer in a good way. Always remember, that he is a person that is aware of every point of the game you play, who helps you to manage your game properly, explains obscure issues and sometimes even can give you a piece of advice.

Dealer Cheating

There is more common situation when players try to cheat casino, but what about dealer`s cheating? Nowadays it is almost impossible ('almost' means that sometimes smart aleck appears who contrives to invent a super-scheme or just have deft fingers).