Hand Shuffle at Casinos

The main purpose of the right hand shuffle is to modify the order of the cards in the deck. In the history of playing cards people have developed many ways of shuffling the cards. The initial shuffles were relatively easy. Over a period of time many different shuffling styles have been developed, today there are varieties of card shuffles that exist. Some of them are very common and others are fancy. Not being able to shuffle the cards efficiently is a sign of a poor player. Any good player would be able to very easily shuffle the cards and can almost make it look effortless.

Shuffling cards is a prerequisite for a dealer unless you play online casino games where the shuffling is computerized and automatic. A dealer is required to know how to shuffle the cards in several different ways very efficiently. A casino dealer cannot be successful if he/she does not know how to shuffle the cards correctly. A lot of dealers are even taught different shuffle card tricks.

Overhand shuffle method

There are several different methods of shuffling cards. These shuffles vary depending on the country. The Overhand shuffle is widely used in Europe, in the USA Riffle Shuffle is very common, however Riffle shuffle is considered to be a fancy shuffle in Europe and many people can't perform this shuffle. This also depends on the quality of the cards that you get in the certain areas.

The most common method of shuffling cards is the Overhead shuffle. The standard or normal overhead shuffle like other cards shuffling methods will do randomization if done properly. The overhand shuffle is considered to be one of the easiest and the most basic ways of shuffling the cards. Those who are still new at card games and do not know how to shuffle cards at all should begin with learning the overhand shuffle. If you want to be a professional card shuffler you should know the peculiarities of the method.

Holding position for the shuffle

Take the deck in the left hands and face it downwards and lean it towards right.

Fingers Position: Your thumb should be on the back side of the deck, the index finger on the front bottom edge of the deck, and the other three fingers should be on the face of the cards.

The Movement for shuffling

With the help of your right hand, hold the lower/bottom of the deck. Your right thumb should be on the side of the deck, your ring finger, middle finger and the point finger should be on the other side.

Raise the bottom part of the deck upwards to eliminate and separate it from the upper/top part of the deck. With the help of your thumb hold the upper part while the right hand lifts the lower part of the playing cards deck upwards.

Now, take the lower part that you raised, downward over the upper part, and then press the left thumb to the top of that part at the same time raise your right hand upward again to make another eliminated part and make the part that you hold by your left thumb come on top of the portion that retained in your left hand.

Again get the lifted part downward over the other portion and repeat the exercise until the cards held by the right hand have been shuffled off.


Dealer’s Advice

It is very important to treat casino dealer in a good way. Always remember, that he is a person that is aware of every point of the game you play, who helps you to manage your game properly, explains obscure issues and sometimes even can give you a piece of advice.

Dealer Cheating

There is more common situation when players try to cheat casino, but what about dealer`s cheating? Nowadays it is almost impossible ('almost' means that sometimes smart aleck appears who contrives to invent a super-scheme or just have deft fingers).