Casino FAQ about Dealer

Given below are some questions and answers about dealers and how they operate.

Q: Should players who win something in a tournament tip a little extra to the dealers?

A: Generally players are expected to tip dealer if they win in a game in casinos and even in tournaments. Tipping is always optional but it is always nice to tip something to dealers at the end of the game if the service has been good. In tournaments to the fact remains the same. If a player wins something at a tournament, generally he/she would tip a little extra to the dealer though it is entirely optional.

Q: How much should you tip to a dealer in a casino or in a tournament?

A: Tipping is always optional and how much amount to tip will also depend on the player. Generally casino tip is given based on the amount won at the table or at the tournament. On an average players tip 2% to 5% of their win amount to the dealers at casinos or even at the tournament.

Q: How much should you tip if you win a jackpot or a very high amount at the casino?

A: If the amount of win is high, the percentage of tip is lower since the tip would anyways be quite a hefty amount. When you win a jackpot or a large amount of money at a casino, deduct the taxes and give around 0.5% to 1% of that amount as a tip to the dealer.

Q: If you make a maximum bet at the table, can you still make a bet on behalf of the dealer?

A: Generally this would depend on the rules of the casino. However, in Las Vegas casinos the player can place a bet on behalf of the casino even after making a maximum bet.

Q: What are the chances of a dealer making an error at a casino while dealing games?

A: Generally, the better the casino would be the lesser would be the chances of errors on behalf of the dealer. Dealer errors are usually very unlikely since most of them are very well trained and experienced. There might be some small errors but usually very large errors are not common.

Q: Should you tip the dealer even if you are playing the slot machines or the video poker?

A: Generally tipping is done at table card games like blackjack, poker etc and in roulette. In slot machines and video poker since the role of the dealer is quite negligible, it is optional whether or not you should tip the dealer or not for these games.

Q: What is better? Tipping the dealer directly or placing a bet on their behalf?

A: Players often place a bet on behalf of the dealer as a tip and whatever the outcome of that bet would be it would belong to the dealer. From the point of view of the dealers, a straight cash tip is always better for them. However, for players it is much more economical to bet on behalf of the dealer.


Dealer Facts

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