Las Vegas Tip for Dealer

Las Vegas is known as the gambling city of the world. The city is known for its glitzy casinos all over the world. The casinos in Las Vegas are stylish, luxurious and glamorous thus lack of knowledge about how and how much to tip at these casinos can be quite an embarrassing situation. Moreover, Vegas tip differs from the wide known casino tip.

Those who are planning their first gambling tip to Las Vegas should know about a few basic details about the unspoken rules of the casinos there. In casinos everywhere in the world it is an unspoken rule that you must tip the dealer at the table, especially when you win a game. However, in what way to tip the dealers is also something you should know about.

Why tip in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a place where most people go to have fun and enjoy themselves. People in Vegas are aware of this and are ready to do anything to make your stay pleasurable if you are willing to keep them happy. When in Las Vegas it is essential to tip every service that you avail, whether a restaurant or a casino since it can make a lot of difference on your overall experience.

Tipping is a very simple thing and it is almost always expected from you too. It only takes a few dollars to keep the dealer at the table happy and keeping the dealer happy will in turn make the game more enjoyable for you.

How and when to tip?

Leaving a tip to the dealers in Las Vegas is almost mandatory though it is unspoken. If you think that the dealer has been helpful to you and has been friendly you must leave a tip. You can tip a dealer whenever you win a pot or a game or even throughout the game.

Another way to tip is to bet on behalf of the dealer. However, if you feel that the dealer has been really nice to you, you can always leave a tip even though you do not win at the table. Dealers at Las Vegas casinos can be very helpful to you. If you are new to the game, they can teach you the rules and give you some very helpful tips.

Never hand over the tip directly to the dealer since the casinos do not appreciate it. Instead, leave the tip on the table away from the bets and just let the dealer know that it is for him/her. You can hand over either cash or chips to the dealers as tips. At the poker table, you can tip dealer every time you win the pot. Send over a chip or two to the dealer from the pot that you win at the table.

How much to tip in Vegas?

How much to tip to the dealer is purely up to the players. However, usually it is a good idea to tip 15% of your gambling amount if you think that the dealer had been nice to you. If the service had been exceptional you can even tip 20% to the dealer.


Dealer Facts

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