Poker Dealer Jobs

It is not uncommon to come across dealers who cheat at poker, though today it is not very possible. However, in the past dealers cheating at poker was quite common and dealers used plenty of skills and techniques in order to cheat for money.

Given below are a few techniques which are used by dealers for cheating at poker.

Second dealing

Dealing seconds is a technique often used by dealers in which they keep a specific card on top of the deck and keep dealing the second from top card to the players. Dealers who are good will be able to deal seconds so flawlessly and effortlessly that even the casinos managers would not be able to spot it even if they are staring directly at the deck.

Bottom dealing

Bottom dealing is quite similar to second dealing. In this technique the dealer would leave some cards on the top of the deck which he/she wants to deal to a specific player. The dealer will then keep dealing the bottom cards to all the other players at the table.

False shuffle

False shuffle is also quite widely used by dealers. There are several ways to do this technique. The dealer would be able to keep a few cards on top of the deck as required and would be able to shuffle the deck in such a way that the cards on top will remain in their original position. The same technique can be done by keeping the cards desired at the bottom of a deck.

A very complicated technique involves setting up an entire poker hand in the deck and never actually shuffling the cards at all which still appearing to be properly shuffling them.

False cut

A false cut is often done along with the techniques mentioned above. A skilled dealer can pick the bottom half of the deck up, appear to drop it on top of the deck but he/she would actually be dropping the bottom to the side and then would be quickly shifting the top half up on the top, all in one swift motion. When done correctly, this technique can be very difficult to detect.

Several dealers even deal themselves an extra card which could or could not be beneficial to the hand. Later, when the card is no longer needed, the dealer would toss it under the table or get rid of it in any other way. This is a less sophisticated cheating technique and is not very widely used.

All of the cheating methods mentioned above can be stopped by casinos with all the sophisticated security systems that they install. There are also several safeguarding techniques which are employed by the casinos and have to be followed by the dealers themselves. The dealer is required to always use a cut card or maybe a joker at the bottom of the deck in order to stop anyone from peeking at the bottom card or to stop dealing from the bottom.

Also the dealer will have to cut and shuffle the deck in accordance to the rules and regulations set up by the casinos.


Dealer Facts

Frankly speaking, there are numerous serious disadvantages of casino dealer`s job as Second Hand Smoke Exposure or long improvement of certain necessary skills.

But in spite of these frightening facts there are also advantages that appear to be more weighty. First of all it is interesting communication with people every day, including an amazing specter of emotions that they can oversee at Moreover, this job can turn into good income.