dealer championship in Europe

Working as a dealer is may be really hard sometimes. To be a successful dealer a person needs various skills; the work hours also tend to vary. However, dealers do manage to make quite a lot of money that is why it becomes a very favorable career option in the last few years.

The main job of a dealer at a casino is to distribute cards to all the players at a gaming table. Dealers are responsible for the entire process which occurs during the game and are responsible for monitoring the behavior of the players at their table while they play. A good dealer always has in-depth knowledge about the game which is being played at the table. He/she would also know the actions, behavior patterns and tells of the participants. Dealers must be trained and ready to work in a very high paced environment like that of a casino and must know how to deal with all categories of people.

Games like blackjack, poker, baccarat etc are the games which require distribution of cards and collection of the players' bets. A card dealer acts as a facilitator of the game; he/she distributes the cards and takes the bets. Even though a dealer performs all of these complicated jobs and plays such an important role in the functioning of a casino, they are often ignored.

European dealer championship benefits

There are very few tournaments which are specifically organized for the dealers. The European dealer championship is one such tournament. The members and the organizers of the tournament understand that training is very critical in order to learn all the necessary skills for becoming a good dealer. The championship and the organizers promote the training of the dealers and support the members by always trying to bring in a level of professionalism among the casinos and the dealers across Europe.

The casino championship is a perfect opportunity for the dealers to expand their network, meet other dealers from all over the world and exchange information about their field. It is considered to be a very good opportunity for the dealers for showcasing their professionalism and to promote their best practices or creating a fun, safe and welcoming environment at the casinos.

In 2007, Spain had hosted the first ever European Dealer Championship which had a high level of participation from dealers all over the Europe. There had been 18 contestants that represented ten countries from Europe, Sweden, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium and Austria. The enthusiasm of the participants had been quite high.

In 2008, the championship had been hosted in Italy. There had been 24 contestants from 16 different countries. Again, the competitive spirit of the participants had been considered to be commendable. The third year the championship had been hosted in Sweden in April 2008. There had been 30 contestants in the tournament. The 2010 edition of the championship is set to be hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Dealer Facts

Frankly speaking, there are numerous serious disadvantages of casino dealer`s job as Second Hand Smoke Exposure or long improvement of certain necessary skills.

But in spite of these frightening facts there are also advantages that appear to be more weighty. First of all it is interesting communication with people every day, including an amazing specter of emotions that they can oversee at Moreover, this job can turn into good income.